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  • About Dr. Paul Peloquin

    Dr. Paul Peloquin of Wichita, Kansas, is a results-driven CTO and tech consultant with over 25 years of experience in leadership and innovation in tech. Throughout his diverse career, Dr. Peloquin has built a reputation as both a groundbreaker and tactical developer, helping start-ups and Fortune 100 companies alike innovate and accelerate their businesses into the 21st century.


    Before settling down in Wichita, Paul Peloquin began his study of computer science at the University of Colorado. He then broadened his studies to explore mathematical logic, bioethics, and physics at Fort Hays State University, where he served as the Logic teaching assistant from 1995 to 1997. While attending FHSU, Dr. Peloquin honed his communication skills culminating in winning 3rd place at the National Collegiate Debate Championships. Afterward, he obtained his first Doctorate from OCU and subsequently applied his skills in mathematical logic for the government in the pursuit of money launderers. More recently, Dr. Peloquin continued his studies with MIT honing his skills in data science, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing.


    In his career, Dr. Paul Peloquin expanded the boundaries of what's possible with technology and computer science. For example, he was recently awarded a full patent for his work in 2018, where he served as the key inventor and technical officer in a startup to help identify, via AI and data science, fraudulent video reviews (US11301910B2 - System, and method for validating video reviews). In 2021, his technical leadership and work on a project to utilize health tech to reduce suicide among teens with chronic illness was recognized nationally and won innovation of the year. In 2022, his thought leadership in quantum computing and tech-enabled behavioral economics was recognized by the State of Kansas with the award of a grant to use such technology to foster financial wellness. In addition, he served as the key driver in the development effort of applications for Smart TVs, Apple Watch, and Samsung wearables, for which he has been highly reviewed in multiple national blogs. He has also led efforts in AI, data science, and finance for TIAA, Penn Mutual, and others.


    Dr. Peloquin enjoys nurturing the tech industry within Wichita, Kansas, as both a mentor and instructor for the Swift iOS programming language and quantum information science. Outside of the tech industry, Dr. Peloquin serves on the boards of multiple non-profits, spending time with his family, and you will often find him at open mic nights perfecting his craft as an amateur stand-up comedian; his children and spouse have perfected the dad joke eye roll.

  • CTO / Consulting

    Examples of tech projects lead by Dr. Paul Peloquin

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    ThumbScore is the quantum computing and AI-driven financial ecosystem that serves users at their financial moments of truth and offers insights, education, gamification, and the ideal next step to reduce financial stressors.

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    Modality Keyboard

    A 4 button typing system for phones and watches with revolutionary benefits for disabled people of limited movement.

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    Smart Connect

    The world's first smart fishing pole utilizing Bluetooth LE.

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    AI for Fraud Detection in Video Reviews

    Inventor and CTO Dr. Peloquin, used AI to help identify fraudulent video reviews and content (patent US11301910B2 - System and method for validating video reviews).

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    Legacy Book

    A profound new way to better prepare families for the transition from one generation to the next generation.

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    Global Insurance Accelerator

    Since 2014, the GIA has driven innovation deep into the insurance industry with more than a dozen insurance company investors, 100+ program mentors, 50 portfolio companies, and a network of thousands of InsurTech influencers and supporters.

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    Plug and Play Insurtech

    PlugAndPlay's network includes elite startups, 500+ world-leading corporations, and hundreds of venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies across multiple industries committed to developing and implementing the technologies of tomorrow.

  • Skills

    Artificial Intelligence

    Dr. Paul Peloquin's inventions in Artificial Intelligence have been awarded patents and expanded the boundaries of what's possible within the realm of machine learning.

    Software Development

    Dr. Paul Peloquin has 25 years of experience in software development and has developed tech stacks for insurTech, healthTech, finTech, wealthTech, sportsTech, edTech, legalTech and ARTech.


    Dr. Paul Peloquin is a passionate advocate for education and enjoys teaching the Swift iOS programming language, data science with Python, and Samsung development strategies.


    Wearable Tech

    Dr. Paul Peloquin enjoys the challenges wearable technology poses and was one of the primary developers behind the innovative texting application "Modallity" for smartwatches enabling quadriplegics to type up to 60 words a minute via a mouth stylus moving less that 1/4 inch.

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